1 Oct 2010

It´s time to learn Math!!

Dear Vicky,

I found some wonderful links for you to learn Math and have fun at the same time.

Have a whale of a time learning Math:-)



Learning Planet

Math Magician Games

Math Lingo

Starship Math

Play games

Math is fun

2 Aug 2010

Welcome back to school

Let´s have fun this second half of the year.

Get a Voki now!

31 May 2010

Learning prepositions

Teaching Ideas- this site has three games for younger learners

Pumpkin and company

Preposition Desert- A bit difficult for you but I can help you.

Learning how to use In and At

25 Apr 2010


We need to study for our English exam. Have fun learning!!


Learning how to write. Please press enter when you finish http://professormelonhead.com/Spelling_Colors.html

Let´s take this very short quiz http://www.lil-fingers.com/colors/


Enchanted Learning

Revision: How old are you? I am...... year old.

Seasame Street video

Numbers 1 to 10

18 Apr 2010

A new cyber friend

Dear Vicky,

Please watch the following video. There is a message for you!!!

9 Mar 2010

Do you want to have some fish?

Hello Vicky!!

Virtual Pet Fish

There is a special message for you in this link.

Is it true what this fish says?

Please keep me posted :-)