25 Apr 2009

My first blog friend

Dear All,

I am so happy because I have a new blog friend. Rahma from Sudan has just started to blog inspired by the blog my mother created for me.

This year I started First grade so I am learning how to write. My mother types while I dictate to her.
I will try to learn very quickly like that I can communicate with Rahma.
Big kisses
vicky from argentina ( I wrote this alone) :-)


Hala said...

Dear Vicky,
This is Aunty Hala. I told Rahma that you accepted her as your new friend. she is very happy. She says "Thank you!" she will not be able to reply to you until I come home. I am away from home right now. I will be back next weekend.
Wow! I am so impressed!Did you really write the last three words by yourself? That is just great:-)
You are learning very quickly. You are a smart beautiful girl.
I will write on your blog when Rahma sends you her first post about herself, OK?
Take care sweetie-)
Aunty Hala

Aaron said...

Hello Vicky.

You have a good website. My name is Aili. I am 6, just like you. That's all I can say.


Hala said...

Hi vicky,
I have a new post on my blog.